Mostal Introduces You To Lilith 1.1

Welcome to all of you who never played Lilith:

I would like to tell you some words about this mod. Thank for hearing and forgive my conviction.

Lilith has an incredible dimension; it is not a simple “map” or what. It is a long and an amazing campaign.
It is a very deep journey with many stories in the main story. There are so many surprises and surprising events during all the way of the adventure.

In Jalavia, the continent, you will discover every conceivable fights, battles and war way!

You shall fight on the beaches,
You shall fight on the landing grounds,
you shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
you shall fight in the hills
You shall fight in many many more places!
And you shall never surrender!

You’ll find all loots you want and more. Some new objects will give you power and strength to overrule all your enemies!
You will encounter hundreds Bosses with hundreds effects and thousands and thousands creatures. You will prove you are the best at any moment. Alone or with friends.
It is 35, 40, up 50 hours of game per difficulty!
Normal, Epic and Legendary level is carefully designed and with many changes.
Believe, it is a true game.

Jalavia is not a linear continent. The 0.98 version was not, 1.0 much less and Lilith 1.1 offer some new choices.
Very quickly, you’ll get a feeling that you are crossing a “real” continent: a living one under Chaos.
There are many Secret Paths! Will you discover all of them, even the last one in Lilith 1.1?
There are also so much beautiful places to see.
Remember: the further you go in Jalavia, the more surprised you will be. This Campaign will bring you a new emotion.

Music is an important part in Lilith. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them during your trip.

Don’t miss this experiment, Play “Lilith the Will of Demon” once and never come back ;)

Good game to all you,
Share your tips and experiments, your feelings and your discovery and have a lot of fun.
Thank you for bringing Lilith to life,



It was 430 years ago that Infernal Wars against The Darkness came to an end.
After years and years of battles, Armies of the Great Redemption emerged victorious.
Nevertheless, this was a bitter victory, flooded by blood and suffering.

Lilith, a cruel and inflexible Demon was leading the War for the Darkness.
Once defeated, she was confined in the entrails of the Mountain Of Order, from where no demon can escape.

It is a Human being that committed the unforgivable.
A man, Sartena-Bomi, betrayed Mankind by opening the Vault Of Eternity, in the heart of the Mountain of Order, and therefore freed Lilith.
In a short period of time, she built up a new army, stronger, greater, more terrifying than the one she led during the Infernal Wars.

Lilith's power never stopped growing.
She is now able to corrupt souls by her own will.
During the night of the third new moon, Lilith extended her will to our world, modifying natural laws.
She took control of some power men's minds, reducing them to mere slaves, to assist in fulfilling her evil plans.
She also hid her armies moves to take some Angerderre areas by surprise.
And shortly after the Night Of The Great Change, Lilith dispatched her Death Legions…


The World of Jalavia:


Welcome to those who discover Lilith and the World of Jalavia for the first time :-)

Jalavia's continent has become hostile since Lilith's armies invasion.
You will need to master the game before establishing yourself as the new Hero.

This game was designed for players who love fights and challenges.

Those who like easy and fast fights, without taking their character's weaknesses into account, will be disappointed for sure.
I do not recommend them to try this adventure.

Those who love epic battles, art of war, living a real adventure, these ones will adore Lilith's universe.

Attention has been focused on gameplay: global balance and each creature have been set so that Lilith offers excellent accessibility to all players from the beginning of the campaign, and then evolves into a stunning challenge.

There are also numerous subtleties, hiding places, and situations that will make you discover new things each time you will play the game again.

For to those who already know Lilith 0.9x : I suggest them to forget all about previous versions, and start this campaign as if it was their first time.

I strongly recommend all players to begin with a new character at the Normal level.

  • It is better to have a preview before facing a greater difficulty. After a Normal experience, you will discover Epic in better conditions, with a lot more knowledge, and sagacity
  • Discover the differences between the Difficulty levels. You will appreciate them fully if first you run Normal then Epic
  • At last, I guarantee that if you like Lilith, you will really enjoy seeing your character's evolution through the 3 difficulty levels. Your feat will be even greater!

Well, I hope that you will have as much pleasure to play this mod as I had during its development.

It's up to you now! Report your experiences and raise high the flag of Victory and Liberty in:

" Lilith, The Will of Demon : Battles Of Jalavia "


Hello great warriors

The forces of the evil ignited the grounds of Jalavia. The demons armies are slaughtering women and men without pity. I foresee the terror which reigns now in the Temple of Mel' Kaan and I do not dare to imagine what it occurred in the Fortress of Pandora.

I listen into my dreams soldiers tired and wounded still fighting on the top of the walls of the High Rising Citadel.

Is any hope lost?


The time of the new Heroes came. Equipped with larger capacities, more dangerous, more impressive, they are coming!
These men will stand up like the last rampart against Chaos.
The demons will taste to their new power on the battle fields and they will learn how to fear the warriors of MASTERIES !

Will you be among these brave men?

It is with much joy that I announce to you the nearest arrival of Lilith The Will of Demon : Battles of Jalavia Masteries Edition!

With the occult sciences of Shadow Lich and the good advices of INSANE, fusion of Lilith and the extraordinary Masteries became a reality

A new sun will rise on Jalavia with MASTERIES as powerful as the Titans!
Completely new, this MOD will give months of game with exceptional combinations.

Now is the moment!
" Lilith, The Will of Demon : Battles Of Jalavia Masteries Edition "


Lilith 1.1 comes with:

17 navigation portals
+666 customized creatures
+250 monstrous bosses
+33 quests to accomplish
+45 NPC et merchants
+15 000 words of dialogues, quests and names
+110 mysterious, great and dangerous, adventures areas
+Dozens of immersing musics
+40 Respoints for faster navigation throughout the continent
+70 levels at the end of legendary mode
+150 hours of play
+2800 hours of work

What's new in Lilith 1.1:

- Minor bugs fix sound
- Several minor graphic changes
- Minor bugs fix in quests
- Several fix about rewards
- Accumulation reward is now possible between all difficulties
- Different rewards between difficulties
- Some changes about thieves in the Mausoleum of the Ancestors
- Revision of estimate XP points from all creatures (math formula)
- Minor change of creatures balancing
- Minor visual change
- Change on custom items
- Creatures have now a chance to be disrupt in Epic and Legendary
- Many creatures are now stronger against Mana attack
- Fix many text mistakes (French)
- Color change on the quest map
- 3 more quests
- Add a new area (only for Epic and Legendary - NEED A "Normal" Object (Ssamyr stone) for Epic or an "Epic" object for Legendary) + new music
- Lag optimization in Siran
- A new panoramic scene in Siran
- Add a new item
- 2 more languages in the setup file (German and Italian)
- Add a difficulty changer with 10 difficulties
- More life regeneration for bosses in Legendary
- Add new creatures and Bosses
- Add a new Secret Path
- Add some "Base"
- Increase XP points for Legendary (Quest reward)
- Lilith forms now a family: Classical Lilith and Lilith Masteries Edition

- A more complex campaign
- Lot of long new quests
- A game fully accessible for a level one (highly recommended)
- A game who match all players, as well a Casual gamer as a Hardcore players (or more) with a system of "Difficulty-Changer" So countless changes between difficulties!
- A powerful system allowing a fast travel
- A significant increase of the Jalavia's size
- Over-abundance of new challenging Bosses

- Lots of new creatures and graphic elements
- 100% custom creatures and some extremely customized!
- Optimizations and modifications in existing areas
- More loot and outstanding rewards after some quests
- Many original spells' monsters
- Numerous new ambient sound, music or sound effect

- A clear display of quests, text and dialogs
- A full normalization and visibility of creature's resistance
- New nice panoramas and amazing landscapes
- A new mysterious zone
- Many secret paths
- More unforgettable epic battles!

- A full balance of all difficulties!
- A very, very long game!
- An enjoyable rhythm of progression between levels
- More changing events between games
- A very high progression of your avatar

- A very nice and hard challenge for high Level players
- Fully multiplayer
- A stronger feeling of liberty
- Available in English, in French, in German and in Italian!


Lilith includes the very nice Mod from Lufe: AllSkins Mod

This means all players will be able to change their character skin directly in Lilith, also allowing them to share their looks with other connected players.

NOTE : Despite a good integration of the mod, I strongly suggest to download the file and to unzip it in the database folder of the game, this to avoid long texture.



  • The expantionpack Immortal Throne for the game Titan quest.


  • Normal : 1 —>
  • Epic : ~49 (Master gamers)
  • Legendary : > 60 (Hardcore gamers)

Recommended configuration :

  • Recent video card (256Mb or 512Mb)
  • 1Gb of ram or more
  • X2 CPU or more, ideally any Dual Core
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